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this looks like a guy at my school!

the legend of zelda the legend of zelda

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Very nice!

The best game ever has to have a great drawing to it...
Navi and Link...
Friends forever, I think that is...
Do you say the same?

dommi-fresh responds:

i do indeed

Manic Manic

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Very good!

he looks so gangster in this one!

Zombie Pikachu v.s Geodude Zombie Pikachu v.s Geodude

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Holy crap!!

Geodudes breaking apart

tal9x9 tal9x9

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its like a ghost... spirit... something... right?

tal9x9 responds:

no it's me

Balancing Act Balancing Act

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Pretty good but...

when i saw the little preview of this on youtube, i didn't see the girl, why is that?

?????? 1 ?????? 1

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really good!!

jessepenquin6 responds:

Thanks And Congrats You First Xoment

Sonic Paint Sonic Paint

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thats great!!

very much well done!!

Animetion24 responds:

thnx Marti!

roses roses

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oh don't worry...

it is good!

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scrouge the hedgehog scrouge the hedgehog

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the one on the right is where he turns super right?

toonlab responds: