Favorite Audio

Saria's Song Rock! Video Game Loop
SoM: Meridian Dance Video Game Loop
Towers - Menu Theme Classical Loop
Becoming Bitular Dance Song
Rising Sun Video Game Song
*- Pokémon DancemiX -* Dance Song
Destination Remix Drum N Bass Song
Morrowind [Ocarina] Video Game Loop
PX9 - Metropolis (Masq Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Mysterious Sleeper Video Game Song
~'{Fire Aura}'~ Techno Song
Kirby's Dreamland Medley Video Game Song
Sonic 3D Blast Panic Puppet Trance Song
Spwee - Haste. Drum N Bass Song
Anime Opening Medley! Heavy Metal Song
Broil Meats Grill Ska Song
Taken From A Photo Punk Song
Airbass Drum N Bass Song
Blue Sky Video Game Song
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Twilight Drum N Bass Song
Under the City Lights Miscellaneous Song
Cold Hope Miscellaneous Song
Lost and Forgotten ~P~ Video Game Loop
Nikkit Miscellaneous Song
Theme of Love (FFIV) Classical Song
A Second Chance Classical Song
Counting down the hours Classical Song
Forgive me, Father Video Game Loop
Ancient City Of The Light Video Game Song
Space Hero Classical Song
Ancient Dream IV Techno Song
Let Her Go Punk Song
Poor Me (Upgraded) Punk Song
NEW - Poor Me Punk Song
Boss Fight- Sonic 2 Video Game Loop
Star Fox 2 2A03: Battleship Video Game Loop
A Fall From The Moon Video Game Song
Mario 64 Menu Screen Remix Video Game Song
Medieval Cowboys Classical Song
Spanish Pirate Robot Frenzy Techno Song
Genesis ~AFA~ Ambient Song
The Iron Beard Bard Heavy Metal Song
SH - Circle Hip Hop - Olskool Song
His World Dance Dance Song
His World Remix Sonic 2006 JFK Video Game Song
What I'm Made Of~Techno Remix~ Techno Song
Sonic 2- Chemical Plant Piano Video Game Song
Zelda: OoT - Zelda's Theme Video Game Song
Bustin Up The Beach Video Game Loop
KH2- Dearly Beloved Remix Techno Song
Kindom Hearts Theme Video Game Loop
Emerald Hill Zone (in 8-bit) Video Game Song
Sonic - Marble Rock Remix Video Game Song
Sonic 2 Final Boss theme cover Video Game Loop
Supreme kill Drum N Bass Song
His World (Remix) Video Game Song
Legend of Zelda GO REMIX Video Game Song
Song of Storms remix Video Game Song
The Chase (Superscenic OST) Video Game Song
--Super Kirby Compilation!-- Video Game Song
SSB - Kyrby's Dreamland Remix Video Game Song
Final Destination 8-Bit Video Game Loop
Newgrounds Chat Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Mario World March #3! Video Game Song
Dot Dot Dot Spoken Word Voice
Mr Agnry Faic 4 theme Video Game Loop
RPG - Final Battle Video Game Song
Zelda : Midna's Lament Remix Video Game Song
Sonic Spinball - Toxic Rave Video Game Song
*++*(Link to the Past)*++ Techno Song
Resident Evil : Racoon City Ambient Song
Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone (K) Video Game Loop
Zelda Song of Storms Remi Heavy Metal Song
Super Mario Bros. (Punk Remix) Video Game Song
SSBM Zelda - Temple Metal Heavy Metal Song
Saiyan-Namekian Blitz Video Game Loop
Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Metal Heavy Metal Loop
super mario mix Video Game Song
Show No Tears Video Game Song
Gerudo Valley [RMX] Trance Song
Visionary [Original Mix] Trance Song
Emerald Hill Zone (Sonic 2) Video Game Song
-Its a Cold World- Trance Song
Level 3 - Military Complex Video Game Song
Plans And Conspiracies Video Game Loop
DJ NT - Over the desert Techno Song
Super Mario Land Mega Mix Video Game Loop
[SD] SMB2 - Mario + Vegetables Video Game Song
Super Mario Piano Ragtime Video Game Song
.:Paranoid:. Drum N Bass Song
Blades of Hattori Hanzo Trance Song
[G313] - Super Sonic Video Game Song
Green Hill Zone EP Video Game Loop
Link's Barrel Beat Video Game Loop
Saria`s Song ReMiXed Up Video Game Song